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BOP insurance includes two main coverages:


  • Liability in relation to BOP insurance is the same as liability when it comes to any other type of insurance. It protects against liabilities such as customer injury, advertising injury, product-related claims, and property damage.
  • It also covers the cost of defending lawsuits that have to do with accidents, libel/slander, and false advertising.
  • Liability regarding BOP does not cover your employees, however. In order to make sure your employees have the correct protection, you will need a workers’ compensation policy.


  • Property coverage provides protection for the buildings that your business uses along with property owned/used by the business. It can also pay for the removal of debris, income loss, and pollution cleanup.

A few other packages that you may be able to add to your BOP:

  • Outdoor Sign Insurance
  • Money and Securities Insurance
  • Employee Dishonesty Insurance
  • Water Backup Insurance

There are certain things that a BOP doesn’t cover that you may need to consider, depending on your location. Being that CIG services businesses located in Florida, consider coverages such as a hurricane or flood policy. These are policy endorsements that may be able to extend your coverage. Our agents at CIG can tell you more about these endorsements when you call us for a quote on your BOP insurance.

business owner policy coverage
You Are Not Qualified for a BOP if…
  • Your business is a Large Premises Organization.
  • You are a high-risk or specialized operation.
  • The majority of your business is conducted off-premises.
  • You require higher liability limits than a BOP can cover.

Although you may not be covered by a BOP, there are other types of commercial insurance available.


There’s no set price for BOP coverage, being that it varies with every business. The aspects that factor into the price you’ll pay include:

  • Coverage Needs
  • Type of Profession
  • Number of Employees
  • Claims History

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Our skilled team of professionals at CIG is happy to go over BOP policies with you and what coverage looks like for your business. In order to protect your livelihood, you need BOP coverage. Give Chapman Insurance Group a call for a free quote today.

More Business Insurance Products

Additional coverages to include that are not part of most Business Owners Policy

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional liability insurance can protect you and your business from claims regarding things you should have done and didn’t or did do and shouldn’t have. It also covers things like copyright infringement and personal injury.

Umbrella Coverage

You might think that you don’t need umbrella insurance because your business already has a Business Owner Policy or other business coverages. However, no matter how good your policies are, adding umbrella coverage for your business goes above and beyond.

Chapman Insurance Group wants to make sure that your business is protected in all aspects, which is why we offer umbrella insurance.

Commercial Flood Coverage

Owning a business in Florida means you may be at high risk for flooding. That’s why Chapman Insurance Group offers commercial flood insurance.

Flood insurance is not usually thought of for business as much as we consider it for our homes, but just like your home your business may need protection from flood damage.

Commercial Vehicle Coverage

CIG Covers Your Work Vehicles

Commercial vehicle insurance protects against liabilities that have to do with accidents involving vehicles used for work. These types of accidents aren’t covered by personal auto insurance because work vehicles are at a higher risk than personal vehicles – which is why small businesses need commercial vehicle insurance.

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