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When it comes to choosing an insurance company in Southwest Florida, the options can feel endless – and then comes the process of actually choosing an insurance policy itself. To make matters more overwhelming, premiums on policies continue to rise, which can make the choice even more difficult for policyholders – as it’s hard to know what coverage works best for them.

When it comes to choosing a policy, our customers want one that’s affordable and budget-friendly – but that policy should also meet their specific needs and bring them peace of mind. We can make sure all of these boxes are checked.

Here at Chapman Insurance Group, it’s our job to find the best policy for you – and you specifically. We’re not like the big insurance companies who don’t understand you or your unique needs. We put our customers first – every single time.

Our Values

Here at CIG, we take our values very seriously and live by them each day and demonstrate them with every customer we serve.


Our five core values are:

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Our People

We value our people: team members & clients. We trust each other and can be trusted. We step-up, help, care, and tend to each other when someone has a need personally or professionally. We allow vulnerability that can contribute positively to the culture of CIG.

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We are results driven. We take accountability for both the effort we put in as well as the outcome. We recognize the achievements of others. We are highly motivated individuals and seek to create steadfast fans with exceptional results.

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100% / 100%

To be known as the hardest working insurance agency. We are all in, at all times. With a willingness to adapt to things as they quickly change in our space. Onehundo-Onehundo. All the time.

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Let’s have it! We know how to laugh, we know how to live, but most importantly, we have FUN! From the simple interactions we have daily to the big moments we celebrate and lasting memories we create, we find joy in each day.

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Can-Do Attitude

It is infectious and empowering to others. We are motivated by each other working with an attitude, perspective, and desire, to face any difficult moments and know we can do this together.

And the reasons our customers would want to do business with us?
We’ve got four of those, too.

We offer competitive pricing
We’re skilled in clear communication
We have unwavering customer service
At our core, we are a giving company

Why Choose CIG?

We are an independent Florida insurance company that prides ourselves in being your personal insurance advocate. No matter what, your needs will always come first. An important part of our job is selling you the policy that you need – but that’s not our only goal. We are also dedicated to building lasting relationships with our customers, so you can feel safe being guided by us to an informed decision about your insurance – whether it’s home, auto, commercial, or otherwise.

Our team will always listen to you and provide you with options. We work with over 35 home carriers and 12 auto carriers, doing the tough behind-the-scenes work so the process is as easy as possible for you.

When it comes to insurance, choose CIG. You won’t regret it.