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Stress-free and Affordable Insurance Policy for Homeowners, Automobiles, Watercraft, and Commercial Institutions.

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#1 Cape Coral Insurance Services

Chapman Insurance Group in Cape Coral, FL, offers reliable, stress-free and affordable insurance policies for homeowners, automobiles, watercraft, and commercial institutions. We have partnered with some of the largest and top-rated insurance companies in the USA to provide our customers with the best insurance policy which meets their specific needs.

At Chapman Insurance Group, we have exclusively talented, highly qualified, and uniquely crafted executives and agents whose sole purpose is to guide you through the hefty insurance process in a friendly environment and help you make an educated decision. Going through hundreds of policies from different companies is certainly overwhelming. You won’t have to worry about that here. Our agents listen to every individual customer and offer them optimal choices based on their needs. They answer customers’ questions and will explain every step of the way.

Best Home Insurance Policy for Residents in Cape Coral, FL

We offer an ideal Cape Coral homeowners insurance policy for your primary home, secondary or seasonal home, condo units, and the property you own and rent to others. From more than 35 home carriers, we will bring you an insurance policy that will be cost-effective and suitable for your budget and needs.

Chapman Auto Insurance Coverage

Our auto insurance policy includes coverage for all types of cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and recreational vehicles. We work with 12 of the largest auto carriers in the country to ensure the best coverage for our customers. Our agents are here to ensure maximum coverage at a minimum premium. We also offer insurance services for watercraft ranging from small fishing boats to cruise ships.

Chapman Business Insurance Service

When it comes to commercial insurance, business owners face unique complexity in Florida. But, you must protect your business from the risks you face. Chapman Insurance Group specializes in securing a simplified insurance policy for both large and small businesses. Our commercial insurance includes but is not limited to coverage for business owners, buildings, commercial vehicles, artisan contractors, professional liability, umbrella coverage, workers’ compensation, heavy machinery, and flood coverage.

At Chapman Insurance Group, we understand your needs perfectly. One thing that shows a clear distinction between large insurance companies and our insurance agency is the personal touch. We value the needs of every individual client. Our process is transparent every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Insurance Policies

How does my credit score affect insurance premiums?

It can significantly increase or decrease your insurance rates. Most insurance companies refer to this as an “insurance score.” It is not exactly a credit score, but it looks at certain credit components. Every company uses a different matrix to develop its overall rate, and it is proprietary to that company.

Is homeowners insurance tax-deductible?

Although your primary home and flood insurance payments may be included in your home payment, they are not deductible according to the IRS. Review this further with your CPA to see if you may be eligible.

How do I file a claim?

Although your primary home and flood insurance payments may be included in your home payment, they are not deductible according to the IRS. Review this further with your CPA to see if you may be eligible.

How long do I have to wait for “Flood Insurance” coverage?

It depends. If you are closing on a new home or have new financing on a home you own (like a refinance or home equity loan), coverage can be effective immediately. If you already own your home but feel now is the right time to buy flood insurance, there would be no longer than a 30 day wait. Some companies will allow it in less than 7 days.