Hull & Motors Coverage: Can provide for repairs and/or replacement in the event the boat or motors are damaged in a covered loss.

Accessories: Don’t forget all the fishing gear and equipment you have on your boat. If items on your boat are not permanently attached they may not be covered under the basic policy. This coverage may provide for the replacement of stolen or damaged accessories on your boat.

Trailer: Although your vehicle policy may extend liability coverage to your trailer and boat in tow, it does not extend physical damage coverage. This coverage amount may pay for damage to your trailer.

Watercraft Liability: In the event that you are held legally responsible for a boating accident or mishap that includes injury to others or damage to boats and property this coverage may provide protection.

Medical Coverage: This coverage may pay medical expenses up to certain limits for non-household residents.
Towing Coverage: May pay varying amounts depending on policy.


  • Certified Safety Course
  • Experience
  • Areas of use

A personal liability umbrella protects you and your family from the risk of a catastrophic claim, lawsuit, or judgment. The coverage provided by these policies is in excess to the coverage you currently carry on your auto, home, rental properties, boats, and recreational vehicles. Umbrellas normally provide limits of $1,000,000 or more and in some cases provide legal defense costs on top of the coverage amount. If protecting your current assets and future income potential from legal liability is important to you please contact a licensed State Insurance agent and discuss how an Umbrella fits into your financial plan.


  • Good driving record
  • Claim Free
  • Over 50 years old
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