Lexie Hill

Executive Assistant

Alexandra, a.k.a. Lexie to us here in the office, was born in North Carolina but grew up right here in Fort Myers, Florida. She’s a God-loving young woman who spends her free time in church, at home reading, or sharing a meal with friends. It came as no surprise when she told us she would love to travel to Israel. Though she may be the youngest in our Cape Coral office, she is often acting as the “mom” to her co-workers, up to and including Brian himself, and we can’t thank her enough for that. The only red-head of her siblings, people often don’t believe they are related, with two of them being brunettes and the other being blonde.

Lexie’s greatest challenge is learning how to not worry over things outside of her control. And her motto for life is to have and strive for a standard of excellence in all you do. Her life lesson learned is, “failure is often just as important and impactful as success, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Do everything you commit to with your whole heart and watch how it all works out.”

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