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Is a free vacation hiding in your escrow account?

A very common activity on any given day is adding mortgage company information to policies for new home buyers heading to the closing table. It’s convenient to roll your taxes and insurance all into one tidy monthly payment; I cut one check and pay three bills. Every year the bank sends me the letter giving me the breakdown of my mortgage payment and, like many, I take a look at the monthly payment amount and I’m done. But a recent client whose insurance I reviewed demonstrated just how much that convenience can actually cost.

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Act now! Cheap Advertising That Could Cost You Big

A couple times a year I go to my mailbox and bundled in with my bills and credit card offers I find an offer for lower priced home or auto insurance (I’m lucky enough to get both). You may have seen these and been tempted to wonder just how much you could save. I can’t blame you; I wondered the same thing.

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