Need Workman's Compensation?

Workers’ comp benefits help pay for a few things, such as:

  • Wages lost
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Legal fees

CIG Takes Care of Your Workman's Compensation

We care about your business and its employees at Chapman Insurance Group, which is why we offer workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp provides benefits to your employees if they sustain an illness or injury that’s related to the job.

Who Needs It?

In Florida, the law states that (most) businesses with four or more employees should have workers’ comp coverage in place. Though this is a general rule, the industry that you work for, the size of your business, and the type of employees you have will also make an impact on the type of coverage that you need.

Industries that need workers’ comp:
  • Construction companies
    • This applies to construction companies with at least one employee.
  • Agricultural companies
    • This applies to companies with at least six employees, or companies with 12 temporary employees that work more than 30 days/season (but do not work more than 45 days/year).
  • Out-of-state employers
    • With employees located in Florida.
  • Contractors
    • Contractors should have workers’ comp policies for self-employed/independent contractors before an in-state project begins.

How Does Worker's Compensation Work?

Workers’ compensation comes into play if your employees suffer a job-related illness or injury. In the event of these two occurrences, workers’ compensation can help pay for medical expenses and treatments – like physical therapy, for example.

Workers’ comp also covers wages lost during time that an injured/ill employee spent recovering while away from work. It also covers permanent disabilities that prevent an employee from ever returning to work.

In the event of death due to a work-related accident, workers’ compensation will also cover funeral expenses.

Florida Workers’ Comp Laws

When it comes to workers’ comp, the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Florida are the experts. They can make sure that everyone involved follows the statewide workers’ comp related laws, and can help answer questions related to:

  • If you need coverage
  • When employees receive benefits
  • How much to pay attorneys
The Cost of Worker's Compensation in Florida

An agent at CIG can help you figure out further costs, but the general cost for workers’ comp insurance is calculated with a standard formula.  Speak to one of our experts to find out how this applies to your operation.

Having a workers’ comp policy in place is necessary in order to keep your business and its employees safe. Get in touch with one of our agents today to discuss your safeguarded future at work.

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