Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage

As a business that sells, serves, or manufactures liquor/alcoholic beverages, you need liquor liability insurance in order to protect your assets from a lawsuit or claim. This type of coverage is not included in general liability, which is why it’s necessary to purchase separately to protect your business from unexpected situations.

What Does Liquor Liability Include?

In the state of Florida, liquor liability insurance covers:

  • Expenses for legal defense in the case of a lawsuit
  • Employee inclusion that provides coverage if an employee consumes alcohol while on duty
  • Coverage for assault and battery claims
  • Property damage/damage to people
Who Needs Liquor Liability Insurance?

The following types of businesses can benefit from the protection of liquor liability coverage:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Taverns
  • Nightclubs
  • Liquor stores/convenience stores
  • A business dealing with weddings, events, or Gentlemen’s Clubs

What Type of Liquor Liability Insurance Should I Get?

In order to find coverage that works best for you, talk to an agent to discuss prices that fit your budget and what types of risks your business will need to be covered from.

One of the biggest reasons why liquor liability insurance is so essential is because it covers your business in the event that someone should get hurt by the actions of someone intoxicated by liquor sold/served at your establishment.

Even if your business has general liability coverage, liquor liability is still necessary if your business entails exposure to alcohol. The reason behind this is that general liability won’t cover property damage or bodily injury due to intoxication, and liquor liability insurance will.

If you’re in the catering business, you will also need coverage for off-site service.

Reducing Liquor Liability Claims

Though liquor liability insurance provides excellent coverage, there are still actions you can take to reduce your amount of claims. For example, telling staff to stop serving alcohol to a clearly intoxicated customer and reminding them to advise taking a cab or using a designated driver instead of driving drunk.

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