General Liability for Restaurants

General Liability for Florida Restaurants

Restaurants face numerous risks on a daily basis, and Chapman Insurance Group wants to make sure you’re protected from those risks with general liability coverage for restaurants.

General liability for restaurants in Florida is a fundamental type of insurance that protects against lawsuits and other financial liabilities that result from accidents or mishaps.

General liability coverage can help you in the event where:

  • A customer sustains a food illness from your cuisine.
  • A customer slips and falls and injures themselves on the premises.
The types of restaurants that should have general liability insurance are:
  • Bars
  • Taverns
  • Cafés
  • Coffee shops
  • Diners
  • Delis
  • Food delivery services
  • Fast food franchises
  • Lounges
  • Pizzerias
  • Sandwich shops
  • And more…
There are many benefits when it comes to having airtight general liability coverage. A few of these benefits include:
It covers host liquor liability.
  • It’s common for many restaurants to serve alcohol, and if bodily harm or property damage should happen due to alcohol consumed that was sold at your restaurant, you will be covered.
You don’t have to stress about advertising.
  • General liability for restaurants covers that, too. If you accidentally copy a competitor’s slogan, general liability insurance can save you from lawsuits regarding copyright infringement or defamation/libel.
It takes care of costs related to property damage.
  • If a server spills a drink on a customer’s phone or laptop, general liability insurance helps to cover legal fees, the cost of a laptop replacement, and a settlement out of court.

Questions about general liability for restaurants? Ask an expert.

Our team of agents at Chapman Insurance Group have you and your restaurant’s best interest in mind, and we’ll find the best general liability policy for you. Get in touch with us today.

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