Legal Defense Gap

Sometimes, not all costs are covered by your company’s legal defense insurance, and that’s where legal defense gap insurance comes in. Chapman Insurance Group can make sure you’re always covered, no matter what.

It doesn’t take much time for legal costs to exhaust your policy limits - which then leaves you no choice but to pay out-of-pocket - and those prices can get steep. To make sure you’re protected against claims and legal expenses, you should make sure that the policy includes gap coverage, so it is guaranteed to cover:

Defense inside the limit

Typically these fees include attorney fees, court costs, investigation, and filing legal papers.

Defense outside the limit

Legal defense gap insurance will also pay for defense outside the limit, which allows funds to remain that can be awarded to pay settlement fees.
Here are a few benefits to having legal defense gap insurance:
  • You get coverage even when the lawsuit is denied or excluded from legal defense coverage.
  • More exclusions are added to policies every day, legal fees continue to rise, insured people are denied coverage, and legal defense gap insurance solves these dilemmas.
  • You get peace of mind that if there’s a denial of coverage or an exclusion within your case, you are still provided with a legal defense.

Questions about legal defense gap insurance? Ask an expert.

Chapman Insurance Group understands that the waters of legal insurance can be tough to navigate. Contact one of our agents today to clear up any questions you may have about legal defense gap coverage.

Legal defense gap insurance near you.

CIG provides legal defense gap insurance in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples, Florida.

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Chapman Insurance Group wants to help you do everything you can to protect your Florida business - and that includes making sure you’re adequately covered when it comes to legal defense. Contact our agents for a free quote on legal defense gap insurance today.