Jamin Eastman

Personal Lines Agent

Jamin (Jay-min) is a father of five who spent 7 years in Istanbul serving the church and working in the Turkish education system! He was born in New Haven, CT, but grew up in Naples, FL, and his greatest advice for success is to “work hard, work honest.” Depending on the day, in his free time, you will find him at the soccer field with his wife and kids, at church with the youth group, or at home with a book. He is a constant efficiency-seeker and never wants to stop learning.

One day he would love to travel to Alaska with his family. If you see Jamin at Starbucks, you may catch him going by “James,” so he doesn’t have to spell his name. A little known fact about Jamin while he was in Istanbul he had the birth of his two youngest children, which started with contractions in Europe and then an adventurous taxi ride to Asia. His motto in life is that there is no asset more valuable than integrity.

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