Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

Inland Marine Insurance for Florida Contractors

Chapman Insurance Group wants to make sure that your business and everything it entails is always protected – not only through water transportation but on land too. That’s why we offer the best inland marine insurance for Florida contractors.

Inland Marine Insurance covers products when they’re transported over land or when they are temporarily warehoused. It’s called ‘inland’ marine as opposed to ocean marine coverage that protects against the same types of losses over water.

For some businesses, having a Business Owner’s Policy is enough coverage. But other businesses, whose equipment travels with employees or gets shipped on land, need further coverage. Businesses can benefit from inland marine insurance if they transport products such as:

  • Computers and all of their equipment
  • Communications/networking equipment
  • Construction/contracting equipment
  • Medical/scientific equipment
  • Photography equipment
If you’re wondering why it’s important and necessary to have inland marine coverage, we can help. Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should have inland marine insurance as a Florida contractor:

A typical business policy doesn’t cover the shipping process

The most common method of shipping goods across the nation is via truck, closely followed by surface mail and train. Instead of placing your trust in a shipping carrier that you’re not sure you can count on, it’s better to have your valuable items covered by inland marine insurance.

Shippers typically have exclusions when shipping valuables

UPS doesn’t provide protection plans for coins, precious stones, or cash, and FedEx limits the declared value of shipped items to $1,000. This could leave a gap in coverage – and you’ll be on the hook for that gap without inland marine insurance.

Have questions about inland marine insurance? Ask an expert.

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Inland marine insurance near you.

CIG offers inland marine insurance to Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples, Florida.

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In order to make sure your business’s goods are protected at all times, we recommend getting coverage from inland marine insurance. Contact an agent at Chapman Insurance Group for a free quote today.