Flood Insurance for Homeowners' Associations - Keeping Your Association Covered

As Florida Homeowners' Associations know, the Sunshine State puts your property at a high risk for flooding. That’s why Chapman Insurance Group offers flood insurance for HOAs.

Flood Insurance for Homeowners' Associations - Features and Benefits

If your homeowners’ association is insured with flood coverage, you will:

  • Be able to sit down and create a tailored coverage plan for your association.
    Homeowners living within an association can’t self-insure, so a custom plan is helpful and necessary.
  • Avoid banks denying you loans because you are uninsured for floods.
    Unless you insure, your association won’t be able to borrow money for emergency funds or future maintenance projects.
  • Protect your association whether you’re located in a flood zone or not.
    Protection is our number one priority. Flood coverage can ascertain that your association is safe from flood damage at all times, no matter what.

Questions about flood coverage regarding your homeowners' association? Ask an expert.

At CIG, we want to make sure that your homeowners’ association is protected from flood damage. To get your questions about flood insurance answered, contact one of our agents today.

Flood insurance for homeowners' associations near you.

CIG provides flood insurance for homeowners’ associations in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples.

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In our beautiful state of Florida, Chapman Insurance Group understands that no one is safe from flooding. But we can help protect your homeowners' association from the damage it causes with flood insurance. Contact us for a free quote today.