Crime Insurance Coverage for Condominiums

Protecting your Condominium Association’s Financials is a top priority for Chapman Insurance Group. Making sure your reserves and operating account are insured is very important.

What is Crime Insurance Coverage?

Crime insurance coverage is not typically offered within general commercial property insurance. This type of coverage protects against the loss of money, securities, or other assets that result from the act of employee theft or your manager, some types of fraud completed by a third party, money stolen from the premises, and social engineering (AKA impersonation fraud).

What Does Crime Insurance Cover?

Crime insurance coverage safeguards your Condominium against the following issues:

  • Employee or Manager theft/dishonesty:
    • This type of coverage protects you from dishonest acts committed by employees/managers that include but are not limited to theft of money.
  • Forgery/alteration
  • Money/securities theft
    • If money and/or securities should be stolen, should disappear, or get destroyed, your association can be covered for this. This type of coverage also protects against these events happening offsite.
  • Burglary/robbery
  • Computer fraud
  • Theft and robbery of premises
    • This protects property located inside your Condominium’s premises while you are open for business or if you/your employees are robbed while working offsite.

Crime Prevention Tips

Although crime insurance coverage in Florida can act as a safety net in case the unexpected happens, there are some steps that you can take in order to make you and your condominium less vulnerable to crime. Here are those tips:

Regarding money

  1. Make bank deposits daily – change up your routes to and from the bank and the time that you make the deposit.
  2. Check cash register receipts against your deposits in order to make sure your employees are being honest.
  3. Mark any and all checks received as ‘For Deposit Only.’

Regarding property

  1. Keep rear doors that lead outside locked at all times.
  2. Keep a safe on-site to store small amounts of cash, essential documents, or other valuables. Change the combination frequently.
  3. Install security cameras in strategic places throughout the premises, placing emphasis on entryways and cashier locations.

Regarding employees

  1. Complete background checks before hiring.
  2. Train your employees on how to open and close the location safely.
  3. Train employees on protocol if a robbery should happen, reminding them never to endanger themselves to protect the business.
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