Abuse and Molestation

Abuse and Molestation Policy Insurance

Not to be confused with sexual harassment coverage, Chapman Insurance Group offers abuse and molestation policy insurance to organizations that provide services to youth, developmentally disabled individuals of any age, or senior citizens.

CIG offers abuse and molestation policy insurance to a wide array of businesses. A few examples of those types of businesses are:
  • Community service organizations
  • Clubs
  • Housing and shelters
  • Education or day care centers
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Church or house of worship
  • Children and family social services
  • Counseling groups
  • Recreation and sports clubs

This type of insurance helps to respond to claims of sexual and/or physical abuse, including the cost of lawsuits, claims, settlements, etc.

Here are three example scenarios in which abuse and molestation policy insurance could benefit your organization:

Molestation at Daycare

Molestation at Daycare

A nonprofit-certified independent daycare provider had a child abused there at the hands of the daycare provider’s teenage grandson. After litigation, evidence showed that all appropriate visits and background checks had been done. Due to their adherence to the law and the fact that the criminal act was unforeseen, the case was able to be dismissed in court. No damages had to be paid, but legal expenses cost up to $150k, which abuse and molestation policy insurance paid for.

Employee Assault

Employee Assault

A client at a nonprofit’s safe house was sexually assaulted by a part-time gardener with developmental delays. After investigation, it was revealed that the gardeners were supposed to be monitored and this particular gardener’s absence couldn’t be explained. Medical records reflected little physical trauma but instead a psychological reaction, and the claim was settled for $50k with $11k in legal expenses that abuse and molestation policy insurance covered.

Teacher Battery

Teacher Battery

A student at a nonprofit’s school for the disabled began acting out and needed to be physically restrained by a teacher, and the teacher did not follow the correct take-down procedure. The injuries caused to the student were minor, but the parents contacted an attorney and a claim of $12k was paid into a college fund for the student, covered by abuse and molestation policy insurance.

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