Sheri Montgomery

Billing Specialist

Sheri has had the privilege of being employed by our agency twice. Circumstances took her away for several years, but she is excited to be back on the Chapman Insurance team. She was raised in Iowa, where she recently returned and now works remotely. She has been an outdoors type even from a young age. Sheri’s life motto is, “Do it right the first time,” and her advice for success is to always be grateful to the people who help you succeed.

If she could travel anywhere it would be to New Orleans, and if she is not at the office, you can bet she’s probably out fishing. That is no fish tale. One interesting fact about Sheri was when she was four, she was in a frog jumping contest, only to lose because she took a toad and everyone else had bullfrogs. Sheri says she has learned in life to treat everyone fairly and with respect.

Sheri was a big part of our office success the first time she was employed, and we are so grateful she is back as part of our amazing team.

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