Personal Lines Customer Service

Yahaira Pullen

yahaira-pullenYahaira is our Jersey Girl who transplanted with her parents to Cape Coral when she was young.  She loves the beach’s of Southwest Florida and you can probably find her there most weekends with her son enjoying our beautiful Florida weather.  Reading is her favorite past time and she loves crime novels.  When you think about Yahaira, you can’t help but smile about her approach to being unique and shining in her own way.  Having faith in your abilities is the best advice she would give others about success.   Because of all the opportunities Alaska offers she plans to visit there one day and fish, kayak, and hike. One life lesson Yaharia has gained over the years is that when something is meant to happen, it will happen. You can’t force it.


Personal Line Sales

Rachel Waters

113StateInsuranceRachel has been with our agency since the beginning.  Her nickname is “Ray Ray” but we all call her Rachel.  She is originally from Aurora, Colorado and loves life.  We all say everyone needs a “Rachel” in their life.  She never has a bad day, no really, never!  Her motto in life is to “have Empathy, and make sure you understand where everyone comes from”.

An interesting little-known fact about Rachel is after she moved to Florida she married a real life Cowboy.   If she isn’t working she is spending time with her three kids and her husband.

More than anything she wants to make her clients happy and she is consistently one of our top producing agents. She has always wanted to travel to Australia with her family and lives by the philosophy that life is full of ups and downs and we just need to take one day at a time.

Office Coordinator

Janessa Stedcke

unnamedJanessa also known as “Rhonda or Ness” in our office was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador when her family was there on mission work. She is also Brian’s Sister-In-Law (please don’t hold that against her) and has been with State Insurance Agency since our first year in business. If you see someone speeding around town it just may be Janessa as she has a secret ambition to be a race car driver. Her life Motto is to “work in a way worthy of being duplicated by others”. If she is not working you will find her with family or friends or might find her planning some once in a lifetime trips she wants to take to Italy, Thailand, or Africa.

Janessa is a Florida Gulf Coast Graduate and received her degree in Hospitality Management. She handles administrative duties and is also our Port Charlotte location Agency Manager. She started as a producer writing personal insurance. Her active personality and seldom idle hands make Janessa an important part of our team.



Commercial Agent

Beth Dvornik


Beth is the only agent that has been here since DAY 1!  Beth worked with Brian as one of the two original agents when State Insurance Agency, formerly known as Chapman Insurance Group, was founded in 2009. From her screen savers to her pictures, Beth loves old cars.  This is probably because she grew up in Miami, before eventually moving to Colorado, and ultimatly becoming  a resident in North Port.   If she has a nickname she hasn’t shared it with anyone (even Brian doesn’t know) but we do know she would love to travel to Ireland one day.  If there is one thing Beth works hard on it is saving people money.  That is what she loves about her job more than anything.  We asked her some lessons and advice she has picked up over the years and she said to “Listen and Learn”.  Beth’s motto is to “do things right the first time”.  If she isn’t working you will probably find her hanging out with her husband or her two beautiful kids.


Connie Scopel

connie-scopelConnie is our Detroit Girl!  If there is one thing we know about Connie it is that she has the “gift to gab”.  Have you ever met someone that doesn’t have a bad day….well, if you havent, meet Connie.  She doesn’t take life to seriosuly and enjoys talking to people more than anything.  If she isnt working you will probably find her at home or dreaming of her “one day”,  “once in life time trip”, that she plans to take to Japan in the Springtime.  Connie does her best everyday and knows that life is what you make it.  She will greet you on the phone or in person and make you feel as though you are the most important thing taking place in her life right now.  Connie has been with our agency since 2010.


Dawn Hines

dawn-hinesAfter having Dawn a part of our agency for about a year now, if there is one thing we have learned about her, it is that although she may be afraid of the dark, she is most definitely not afraid of hard work. Her motto is “hard work is necessary to achieve your dreams” and at her rate, she should not only reach but exceed these aspirations. As a wife and a mom of two beautiful girls, she has a natural desire to help people.  This aids her in being great at what she does, and she considers it to be the most rewarding part of her work. She has learned that you shouldn’t always assume you know the answer, but believes it is important to get to know your client and their insurance needs.

Although she calls Arcadia home, she would love to one day travel to Australia, and the thing she enjoys most when she is not working is spending time with her family. If she could offer a piece of advice for success she says to “learn as much as you can in your field and you will become an asset to your clients and your company.” This has proven true, as her vast knowledge of the insurance industry and her team-player mentality has allowed her to quickly become an extremely valuable member of our team. Dawn is one that achieves excellence in all that she does!

Commercial Lines Agent

Debbie Reynolds

debbie-reynoldsAlthough her name is synonymous with a famous Actress and singer, we have yet to hear let loose with a few notes or dance moves.  Debbie’s motto in life is “never give up”.  This makes sense as she has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and is one of the most knowledgeable agents you can find.  If she isn’t working you can probably find her with her family, especially her grandkids.  One destination Debbie has not traveled that she wants to one day is Yellowstone National Park.  Although we have worked hard to come up with nicknames for her in the office, we still don’t have any that she will let us know about. She loves to build things and her favorite part about the insurance industry is working with business professional and building relationships with them.  Debbie has a keen ability to get things done, and you want her in your “corner”, even if she won’t sing for you.

Customer Service Extroidinaire

Grace Turner

grace-turner“Gracie” is one of our agents who loves to Crossfit and all elements of working out.  Her greatest challenge is keeping up with the months that fly by.  One little known fact about her is she has  “8” siblings!  She is number 4 in in the birth order which probably explains why she gets along with her co-workers and has a special relationship with each one of them.   She lives by one of the most important lessons she has learned in life……..nothing is ever un-fixable and forgiveness is gold.  Grace will probably won’t be satisfied until her eventual dream trip to France and if you ever ask her for some advice about success she would probably tell you to “never be satisfied”.  Last, but not least, is Gracie was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL and her smile will light up a room.


Personal Lines Sales

Matthew Sacilowski

matthew-sacilowskiArt all around the world…thats right, Matt does custom airbrushing and has worked all around the world.  If he isn’t working you will probably find him at one of his daughters dance competitions, bow hunting with his son, or just some good old bass fishing.  If you have trouble saying his last name, don’t worry, his nickname is “Matt Sac”.   One of Matt’s greatest gift to our country was his service in the United States Air Force.  Matt success comes from always putting his clients interest in mind and striving to exceed their expectations.  Hawaii is one of his favorite places to travel and he hopes to go there a few more times.  The most important lesson Matt has learned in life is to “be visible and don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone”.


Nicole Deriso

nicole-derisoBorn and raised here in Southwest Florida, Nicole, will more than likely never give up her southern, country roots. This is evidenced by how she spends her downtime. Outside of work, the first place you would look for her would be at a rodeo as she has been involved in the sport of barrel racing for over 20 years! She hopes to one day expand her travels outside of the rodeo world and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Many people also may not know that Nicole graduated valedictorian of her high school class, and offers this advice for achieving success – “attention to detail is what sets you apart from the others, so take the extra time to do things right the first time.”

A life lesson that she has learned is to not sweat the small stuff, but always focus on the bigger picture. And, she has had the opportunity to apply this wisdom to her work in the 3 years that she has been a part of our team. Her favorite part of what she does is meeting new people, and when you have the chance to do business with Nicole, you will understand why everyone loves her and trusts her to get the job done right!

Stephanie Bronson

stephanie-bronsonWe are not sure if it is due to the fact that she is left-handed or that she has such a dazzling personality, but with Stephanie around you can’t help but have a smile on your face. In the two years that she has been with us, she has confidently established her second roll in our agency as our team cheerleader. She is our “glass half-full” inspiration, and can make any task fun. If anyone is in need of a pep-talk, chances are you will find them in one of her office chairs! She has learned time goes by too fast and makes it a point to make the best of each moment. Her business motto is “work smarter, not harder”, but when she is not cheering us on, you can find this Oregon-native girl, front and center cheering on her kids in their sporting activities!

Stephanie is always the first to volunteer and believes that you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try new things in order to achieve success. Because she is not afraid to take risks, you will never find her watching from the backseat whether it be work or life. All of her clients know that they have Stephanie on their side, and she makes it her number one priority to make sure they are well taken care of. Someday she would love to travel to New Zealand, and who knows, she may just invite all of us to take the trip with her! The more the merrier!